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Google logo and home page look different now

Have you noticed the new Google home page redesign? The long black bar suspended at the top of the page has been taken away. Even the company’s logo has changed to be flatter and more minimalistic than before. It’s cleaner and makes the old one look slightly tacky by comparison.

Gmail, Maps, Search, YouTube, Play Store, News, Drive, Calendar and Google Plus are now accessible from an app-style launcher in the upper right corner of the home page. Hitting the More tab below it pulls up Translate, Books, Blogger, Offers, Wallet, Shopping, Finance and Photos.

Google Home Page

Below the last couple of products in this window menu is a link to Even more from Google. It brings in several more services delivered by Mountain View. Many are seeing these changes as a way to push the company’s various offerings in users’ faces. As far are we’re concerned, it’s a much quicker way to getting to News, Image search, Drive and more.

App Icons

But Google’s not the only big name to have rethought it’s logo idea this month. On September 4, Yahoo announced a redesign too and this was soon followed by a particularly painful explanation of how it was created. Check out the picture we’ve posted below if you don’t believe us. The My Yahoo home page was revamped recently too.

Yahoo Logo Design Process

In the second half of this month, the Bing logo also got a makeover along with an equally geeky explanation of why it looks like it does now. Where did all the creative designs go? Do you like logos with hidden messages as much as we do? Web Design Ledger has a collection of 15 cool examples.