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Google launches Social Search in Labs

Google Social Search

Google has taken the personalization experience a step further with their latest experiment on the Labs platform. The official Google blog announced Social Search in Google Labs that will render pertinent results from the searcher’s social circle in addition to the normal search engine results in response to a search request.

Most people create online public profiles like blogs or membership to social networking sites that are actively updated. Google Social Search is based on the idea that such published content may be relevant to acquaintances or friends within the same online networking group. Now whenever a search is requested, applicable results from within the searcher’s social network will show up under a separate section.

Google Social Search results will be displayed on the results page under ‘Results from people in your social circle for…’ if the user is signed into his Google account. Gmail users will find results from contacts in friends, family and colleague groups as well as chat buddies. The service will also churn out results from subscribed websites for Google Reader users.

The same results can be derived from using the normal Google search engine too. But the new program collects together content results that may be of personal interest to searchers. This is done by constructing a group of contacts from a user’s public Google profile, Twitter or using a feed aggregator like FriendFeed. Searches can be filtered to provide only Social Search results by clicking on the ‘Social’ alternative in ‘Show Options’ which appears on the results page.

Google announced the new service on October 26, 2009. Being still in the nascent stage, the Social Search engine has not left Google Labs as yet.