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Google launches offline access for Gmail

Google Offline Gmail

The use of internet is increasing with each passing day. Advancing technology has made it possible for us to stay connected even while on the go through mobile phones, laptops and many other internet connected devices. Moving one step further, Google announced yesterday the introduction of an offline version of its popular Gmail service.

The novel introduction will allow users to access their Gmail account without worrying about unreliable or unavailable internet connections. Still in its experimental stage, offline Gmail will enable users to open their web browser and gain uninterrupted access to Gmail. Simply putting in gmail.com in the web browser will allow users to check their emails like they would with an internet connection.

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The main aim of Google’s offline Gmail is to offer users a web browser experience irrespective of the connection.

The service is equipped with Gears and once the feature is turned on, a user’s local mail cache is downloaded. Gmail servers will be synchronized to a user’s cache so long as they are connected to the network. Once a user loses the connection, Gmail will automatically move to the offline mode using data stored on a computer’s hard drive. This information is now used in place of the one sent across the network.

The novel feature will allow users to read, star and label messages along with a host of other activities that a user performs while reading their web mails online. While offline, users can also send messages which will be saved in outbox for auto-mail the next time they are online. The service also packs in a ‘flaky connection mode’ that supports an unreliable or slow connection. Offering synchronization of the background server with a users mail, the mode works by using the local cache like it would if a user was disconnected.

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To use Gmail’s offline version users will need to go through these steps. They first need to click Settings followed by the Labs tab. Next they will need to select Enable next to Offline Gmail and click on Save Changes. On reloading the browser users will see a distinct ‘Offline’ link in the upper right hand corner of their account username. The offline set up process will start once a user clicks on this link. Users will need Gears to access this link.

In the next couple of days or so, Google will make available their new offline Gmail as a test application for users who use Gmail in UK or US English.

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