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Google launches Cardboard Camera to help you make VR content

Google knows that while there’s a ton of VR content available to be consumed via its Cardboard concept, not a lot of people can actually create it on their own. It has hence launched a new Cardboard Camera app which can be downloaded now by Android device owners through the Play store.

This new Google product allows you to basically click a number of photos which it then stitches together to convert into stereoscopic 3D VR content. It should be noted that you don’t need headset to take these photographs, but you’ll need one to view them in proper VR.

Apart from the images of the area you’re in, the app will even capture a little bit of the ambient sound in order to recreate the illusion of the complete scene. The experience is pretty similar to that of capturing and viewing Photosphere, except here you’ll need a separate accessory to view the VR imagery.

Cardboard Camera

There’s no proper Gallery function available within this app, but you can expect integration with Google Photos to arrive in the near future. The first time you download this utility, you’ll be presented with a few sample VR photos that show you what the app is capable of.

The Cardboard concept from Google has enabled people to get virtual reality experiences without investing in expensive goggles. They can construct their own goggles or purchase pre-made ones from the market at incredibly low prices. All you need to do is install the Cardboard app into your phone and and mount it in the headset.

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Like we said, the new Cardboard Camera app from Google is now available for download via the Play store.