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Google Keep gets richer, can auto-complete your grocery lists and more


We have to acknowledge that Google Keep has come a long way since its launch as a simple note-taking app showing no real promise. It has now become one of the most popular tools for task management all around the world, and it’s features like the ones that have been added today that are helping it get better all the time.

Google Keep has just received the ability to generate previews for hyperlinks. So if you’ve pasted a link to something in a particular note, a thumbnail of sorts will be generated for it to make it easier for you to identify and access them. Each note with a link will get a large box at the bottom to signify its existence.

Keep has even been blessed with the ability to auto-complete your grocery lists. It does this by recognizing that you’re making a list of things to buy, and then suggesting options based on the first letter you type. We’re not yet sure whether this works just with grocery lists or is a self-learning feature that’s activated on every list you create.

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Google’s final big addition to the Keep apps is a feature that helps you avoid duplicates inside a list. If you’ve already checked something and are trying to unknowingly add it to the list again, the app’s auto-complete feature will show you a check mark against that item’s name.

Finally, Google has even granted a slight design overhaul to the web and Chrome versions of Keep. The interface is more along the lines of Inbox by Google, as it has received a new left pane which features quick links to Notes, labels, Reminders and more.

We have updated our Google Keep app to the latest version, and are just seeing the link preview feature in it. Perhaps the other traits will be added via another update in the coming days. Do note that these changes will be effective across Android, iOS, web as well as Chrome.