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Google is the Most Powerful Brand in the World, indicates BrandZ Annual Ranking

Millward Brown BrandZ Google has topped the list of the BrandZ Annual Ranking. Millward Brown, a research firm has disclosed the annual top 100 global brand power list, in which Google tops the list with an estimated value of $86 billion.

Microsoft is on third place with a brand value of $70.89 billion.

Millward Brown has come to these figures from a combination of balance sheet values and consumer sentiments.

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“This year’s brand ranking demonstrates the importance of investing in brands, especially in times of market turmoil. Strong brands generate superior returns and protect businesses from risk,” said Joanna Seddon, CEO of Millward Brown Optimor.

“Our data shows that strong brands continue to outperform weak ones in terms of market share and share price during recessions,” added Seddon.

Other technology giants such as China Mobile and IBM are also in the list securing fifth and sixth positions respectively. How could we forget iPhone maker Apple!? Of course it is in the list of BrandZ Annual Ranking having increase in brand value by 123%, ranking seventh in the list.

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While Nokia is the last technology company in the top ten list of BrandsZ Annual Ranking with a brand value of $43Million.

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