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Google is shaking up the design of the Play Store

The Google Play Store is getting a major overhaul in terms of design, based on images posted by Kirill Grouchnikov, a user interface engineer working for the company. While the basic look of the app has been retained, it now features a more modern layout and fluid animations.

Android users will now be greeted with only two main sections in the Google Play Store’s homepage, one covering apps and games, the other entertainment. The former will contain sub-categories like Top Charts, Family and Games, while the latter houses tabs like Newsstand, Books, Music, Movies, and TV.

The top part of the screen will be occupied by an image focusing on things like a movie, app or game. Scrolling has an elastic animation added to it now, with the section bar merging with the top of the screen to form a uniform status bar. Grouchnikov has also hinted at support for languages which are read from right to left, posting images of the Store in Hebrew.

Google Play Store

In related news, the Google Store has updated its app to version 5.10.29, which can be downloaded through an APK download as of now. According to Android Police, it doesn’t contain any major redesigns except for a few minor animation tweaks and a new Google Play text logo

Additionally, people now have the ability to copy, share, translate and select all text from app descriptions and changelogs. The company has probably released this upgrade to lay the groundwork for the upcoming revamp. Grouchnikov hasn’t mention when the changes will be coming to the Google Play Store, only stating that it’ll arrive soon.

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We expect the redesign to be rolled out to Android users in the coming weeks. Eager folks can download version 5.10.29 of the Google Play Store through APK Mirror.