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Google introduces Lively.com, a virtual reality world

Lively.com Screenshot

Google has made latest addition to Google Labs with Lively, a 3D virtual experience for users. The motive to launch Lively is to enable users to express themselves in a creative manner with 3D graphics and real-time avatar interactions.

Announcing Lively.com, Niniane Wang, Engineering Manager wrote, “If you enter a Lively room embedded on your favorite blog or website, you can immediately get a sense of the room creator’s interests, just by looking at the furniture and environment they chose. You can also express your own personality by customizing your avatar’s look, showing people who you are without having to say a word. Of course, you can chat with each other, and you can also interact through animated actions. In our user research, we’ve been amazed at how much more poignant it is to receive an animated hug than seeing the text “[[hug]]”.

Google has apparently even tested the new Lively.com 3D virtual world with Arizona State University students. Based on feedback given by students and with help from the Google Desktop team, Google has added support for playing YouTube videos in virtual TVs and showing photos in virtual picture frames inside our rooms.

Users are free to experience this innovative virtual reality world from Google by going to www.lively.com.