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Google Home, Home Mini set to hit India on April 10

Google Home Home Mini

Google is all set to bring the Google Home and Google Home Mini to India on April 10. The search giant has begun sending out invites for an event on that day. It’s also begun teasing the pair’s arrival on Twitter with the hashtag #MakeGoogleDoIt.

There’s no word on whether any Indian languages will be supported out-of-the-box. The Google Assistant recently gained support for interacting in Hindi, so it would sense for the Home and Home Mini to talk in that language at least.

To recap, the Google Home hit the scene back in May 2016 as the brand’s first smart speaker. The Home Mini followed in October 2017 as a cheaper alternative. The former is currently priced at $129 (approx Rs 8390) and the latter at $49 (roughly Rs 3190).

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The smart speaker market is still in its early stages in India. Amazon staked its claim a couple months ago with the launch of the Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot. Google has the advantage of name recognition and availability, since the Google Assistant is more well-known than Alexa thanks to its availability on most Android phones and even iPhones.

The Google Home and Home Mini can answer queries, play music, organize schedules, and issue reminders. The duo is also able to serve as a smart home hub to control various smart devices like bulbs and the Chromecast.

The main difference between the two is sound quality, as the Google Home offers superior audio. The Home Mini is also clearly more compact, making it convenient to buy a couple and placing it around a house. Each unit can interact with the others, so a command in one room can be performed in another.