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Google Hindi Input renamed Indic Keyboard, now supports 11 Indian languages

Indians had found an instant connect with Google Hindi Input back when it was launched in 2013, as it provided them with a simple way of conversing in their native language. This particular app has now received a rechristening, turning it into Google Indic Keyboard.

The change has come due to the fact that the utility no longer supports just Hindi. Google Indic Keyboard has been blessed with compatibility for 10 more languages that include Assamese, Bengali, Gujurati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

What’s more the awesome transliteration mode works with all the new languages. This means you can type out words from your native tongue in English, and the keyboard will automatically convert and render them in the language you have chosen.

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Google Indic Keyboard

Besides that, you also have the complete keyboard mode for every language. Remnants of the Google Hindi Input app include a Handwriting mode which allows you to directly draw your words on the screen. However, this feature works only with Hindi for now.

Another trait that has been retained is the Hinglish mode. It allows the Indic Keyboard to suggest both English and Hinglish terms if you choose Hindi as an input language. Google has even revealed that the new app comes equipped with improved suggestions in both transliteration mode and native keyboard mode in Hindi. Lastly, it has granted the app an updated UI for when input modes are being switched.

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You can download Google Indic Keyboard now through the Play store. If you already have the Google Hindi Input app installed on your device, the fresh app will appear for you automatically once it’s updated.

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