Google Health, an Online Medical Records Service launched

Google Health logo

“Health is wealth!” But how many of us actually take care of it. In this busy life, where the little joys and pleasures of life take a backseat, concerns about health seem to be amongst the least of the priorities. But here’s someone who truly cares.

Google has rolled out Google Health, a US health information service that blends the company’s search applications with a user’s personal health records over the internet.

Interested users can store their health information on the site

From the individual’s basic medical history to key information linked to their health condition, schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, receiving diagnostic results online, and instantly adding their doctors’ e-mail addresses to a list of contacts at the site, it includes it all. The “virtual pillbox” will automatically send alerts to people’s mobile phones, reminding them when it is time to pop in the pills.

And users need not fret about the information shared going in unsafe hands, as according to Google, the new service is password-protected and the internet giant would store the information on systems that are separate from the company’s other endeavors and developed an additional layer of security.

At a news conference at Google headquarters, Michael Roizen, the chief wellness officer for the Cleveland Clinic, a major private U.S. medical group said, “If anyone can demystify what health is, and make it fun … Google can.”

Electronic health records are used by several health care providers. With Google Health, all those records find a common roof and are put together in an easily accessible place. Links to leading U.S. pharmacies, doctors’ groups and medical testing labs, including Walgreen Co, Longs Drugs Stores Corp, CVS Caremark Group, AllScripts, Quest Diagnostics and the Cleveland Clinic are all included in the service.

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