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Google Glass devs listen to requests, deliver SMS support on iOS

Google Glass has been in the news a lot lately. First it was the announcement of its Android KitKat update and then its one-day sale to regular buyers from the US. And now, we’re hearing news that the device will soon receive the ability to mirror SMS notifications for iOS users.

This feature is already available to those who use Google Glass with their Android handsets. It has now been granted to iDevice owners on ‘popular demand’ according to the company. However, while on Android you are also able to reply to messages using voice, this feature cannot make its way into iOS right now owing to software restrictions. In order to activate the new trait, you will need to enter your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and select the ‘Show Notifications’ tab for your paired Glass.

Google Glass

And that’s not all; another interesting feature has made its way into this forthcoming update. On both iOS and Android versions, fresh Calendar Glassware will start appearing on the Glassware tab in MyGlass. Upon turning it on, your agenda will begin appearing towards the left of your homescreen. You can then tap a calendar card from your timeline so as to change its title, time, location and RSVP. Moreover, you can even delete or dismiss it from your timeline.

The developers of Google Glass have revealed through a blog post that this new update to the device will be going live in the next few days, but hey haven’t mentioned any firm release date.