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Google+ gets a revamp on the web, Android and iOS

It’s incredibly hard to imagine a world without Facebook, as Google+ would be the prime social networking tool in it. But believe it or not, millions of people in the world are still using this service on a daily basis, which is what has compelled its makers to dole out some changes to its offerings.

This revamp of Google+ is only focused on two main factors – Communities and Collections. While the former is commanding 1.2 million new joins per day, the latter has garnered a huge following in just five months from its arrival.

With an overall aim of simplifying the user interface, Google has gone ahead and made the navigation centered around Collections and Communities. These features have been granted enough prominence for them to have made it into the side bar as well.


Google+ users will also benefit from a fully redesigned home stream that will make it easier for them to post, search, connect and keep up with great content. The web version has apparently been made lighter so that it opens faster on devices of all sizes.

Needless to say, the new changes have not only made their way into the web version but also into the Android and iOS editions of the social network. You’ll be able to experience the fresh features from today onwards by clicking on a ‘Let’s Go’ option that will appear in the feed.

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As for the Android and iOS versions of Google+, they will be getting the new interface in the coming days; so keep an eye out for their updates.