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Google Flights now warns you when plane fares will increase

Google Flights

Planning a trip is always stressful when it comes to finding the most cost-effective flight and hotel out of the many available. Google is now looking to make the process easier by announcing new features for its Flights and hotels search.

Starting off with Google Flights, the search tool will soon tell you when the fare for a plane or route you select may increase. The notification which pops up also informs you how much you stand to save if you book the trip before the present amount expires.

This could prove to be immensely useful since one of the biggest issues when booking a flight is not knowing when and by how much a price hike will kick in. Google is also planning to show you tips if you’ve set a route but not a specific flight to commute between them.

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These tips include things like suggestions for alternate airports and dates. It’ll also conveniently tell you if there could be a future cost increase based on historical data for that path. For instance, Google may crunch some numbers and tell you that fares might rise in 3 days by about $52.

Google further plans to be there for you if you’re not ready to book yet but want to track flights and routes anyway. It’ll send out notifications via email with important data like expected surges and fare expiration. The tool is also getting a new Explore add-on which helps you find places to visit at a particular destination.

Google is making hotel searches easier by introducing a new Deals section. The feature informs you when the cost of staying in a hotel is lower than usual. It’ll also showcase whether savings are up for grabs to loyalty members on a hotel’s site.

The new changes to the Google Flights website will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks.