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Google Fit app can now count your calories and much more

A new update to the Google Fit app, that is being rolled out through the Google Play store right now blesses the fitness utility with the ability to track the distance travelled as well as the calories burnt for its users. Once the new software has been downloaded onto your devices, you’ll just need to update your gender, height and weight – if you haven’t done that already – and the new features will be ready to go.

Prior to this, Google Fit only acted as a step counter and showed you the number of minutes for which you walked, ran or cycled. It also provided you with the approximate location of where your activities took place, and based on all this data, gave you graphs to read for each day.

But with the new additions, the app has become a full-blown activity tracker now. It will show you an approximate count of the number of calories you burn during all the activities you perform throughout the day. Moreover, it will track the distance you travel as well, in miles or kilometers depending on your preference.

Google Fit

Google has also infused its Fit app with a widget and an Android Wear watch face for you to take advantage of. This will give you a quick glance at how much of your daily goal is complete. Last year’s Google IO conference was when this health-tracking platform was first unveiled, and it has received its first major update now.

Google Fit Widget

The Google Fit app is on course for a gradual Play store rollout right now, but those eager to get it can go for the legit APK file that Android Police is offering through APK Mirror.