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Google fights against Child Pornography

Google Logo Google has raised its weapon against child pornography.

Google, through its official blog has announced that it has developed a tool National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to track down child predators through video and image searches.

The search engine giant’s new tool will sort and identify files that contain images of child pornography. Google claims that their new innovation will also help rescue abused kids

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The new video tool would streamline analysts’ review of video snippets.

In the blog entry, Shumeet Baluja, Research Scientist wrote: “In particular, the tools will aid in organizing and indexing NCMEC’s information so that analysts can deal with new images and videos more efficiently as also reference historical material more effectively.”

Google further hopes to aid investigations of child predators, find child victims and reduce the flow of child pornography on the internet.

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