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All Google One Members To Get VPN Access, Even Basic Plan Subscribers

vpn by google one Google is expanding its VPN access to all Google One members, including subscribers to the Basic plan which starts at $1.99 a month.

The VPN is currently rolling out and will be available in 22 countries across Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices, the tech giant in a blog post this week. The service arrived on Windows and Mac in November 2022.

VPN by Google One adds more protection to your internet activity no matter what apps or browsers you use, shielding it from hackers or network operators by masking your IP address,” explained Google.

Previously, VPN by Google One was not available to those who had signed up for a Basic plan. It was a free-of-cost service limited to subscribers of the 2TB ($9.99 monthly) or higher plans.

In addition to this announcement, the company also unveiled the Google One dark web report feature for users in the US, a tool to fight online identity theft.

Once enabled, the dark web monitor scans the dark web for the subscriber’s personal information such as their name, address, email ID, phone number and Social Security number.

The dark web tool will be rolled out to to all Google One customers in the US soon.

FYI, this feature is different from the ‘results about you’ tool announced by Google in September 2022, which only scans the parts of the Internet indexed by search engines for your personally identifying information.