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Google Earth now available through browsers

Google Earth Browser Application Google has expanded its Earth application by bringing it to the browser. Google Earth API and browser plug-in has been introduced today as the latest member of Google Maps’ API family.

Now Google Earth fans can easily access this application without requiring to install it on the desktop. They just need to make their browser ready for the Google Earth application. All users have to do is install the plug-in that works with Firefox and Internet Explorer 6/7 on Windows.

Not only Google Earth, Google Sky too can be accessed with the same plug-in.

Key features of the Google Earth API are:

  • Embed Google Earth inside any web page with only a few lines of code
  • Uses the JavaScript API to enable rich Earth-based web applications
  • Manipulates KML and the 3D environment: create polygons, lines, place marks, and more
  • Convert your existing Google Maps API site to 3D with as little as one line of code
  • View the thousands of existing 3D buildings, or add own 3D models

The Google Earth plug-in can be downloaded from here.