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Google Earth 6.2 surfaces for iOS and Android platforms

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The Google Earth 6.2 download has been rolled out for devices operating on the iOS and Android platforms. This enhanced development now facilitates viewing custom maps or overlays referred to as KML files, on mobile devices.

So users can simply click on a Google Earth file link when surfing the web to let Google Earth app take charge and load the custom map. Besides extending support for KML files, the software brings in features such as Google Earth Gallery and additional sharing options. The Gallery is basically a compilation of varied maps including some that even display earthquake hit regions from across the globe in real time.

“One of the most powerful features of Google Earth is the ability to view custom maps or overlays, which are also commonly known as KML files. Ever since we introduced Google Earth on mobile devices, users have requested support for custom content. Today, we are proud to announce Google Earth 6.2 for Android and iOS, which includes support for KMLs. Now anywhere you find a “Google Earth file” (KML file) while you’re browsing the mobile web, just click on the link and the Google Earth app will automatically launch and load the custom map,” shares Peter Birch, Google Earth Product Manager, via the official Google blog.

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As for individuals who take to hiking quite often, they can visit the Gallery and turn to Everytrail for figuring out places that could offer up their next adventure. It also features maps in 3D and even includes the College Basketball Tournament map for fans of the sport. As many may have expected, Google+ and Gmail integration is in place for Android users to easily share screenshots with family and friends.

The Google Earth 6.2 download is now available through Google Play and iTunes for Android and iOS platforms, correspondingly.