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Google Earth 4.3 offers New Innovative Features

Google Earth Logo Today Google released Google Earth 4.3 offering various new features. The latest features include new navigation, Street View, new languages etc.

The new navigation system is now equipped with modified zoom controls. Now as users will get closer to the ground, their view will slowly start tilting as if one is parachuting onto the ground.

Also Google has added a new “look” joystick, allowing users to look around. If the user is on the ground he/she can change the viewpoint and look up at buildings, down canyons, or over at the rising sun. The “pan” joystick will allow users to follow the ground as if he/she is walking on the ground.

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Moreover, Google has said that it has modified the 3D feature of Google Earth. Now users will not face any problem while looking at 3D objects such as mountains and buildings, as they used to face earlier.

A new sunlight button is added on the Google Earth. When users click on the sunlight button on the toolbar and play button on the time slider, they can watch the sun as it circles around the globe. When on the ground, users can now watch the sunrise or sunset through the Google Earth application.

Street View may be one of the most important features introduced with 4.3. Google Earth 4.3 has made available Street View panorama photos as a layer in the application. Users can double-click on an icon to fly into a photo and navigate from photo to photo.

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Google Earth has also introduced a new Imagery acquisition date feature letting users know when the image was taken. To know this all that users have to do is move the mouse cursor over an area they are interested in. The date of the image taken will be displayed in the status bar of Google Earth.

Also now Google Earth 4.3 supports 12 new languages including Danish, English (UK), Spanish (Latin American), Finnish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Norwegian, Portuguese (PT), Romanian, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish.

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