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Google Drive now lets you selectively sync folders in Mac and PC

Google Drive

Popular online storage tool Google Drive has just added two new features to make the lives of heavy cloud users much simpler. The first comes in the form of selective syncing and the second through a new alert system.

Selective syncing will allow users to actually choose what they want to store in their Mac or PC. So far, Google Drive had only let consumers pick the main folder for syncing and not any of the sub-folders within it. This meant that people were forced to either save all the data in a folder or none of it.

This could prove to be a major inconvenience, especially for users who own devices with a limited storage capacity. Until now, the only way to get around this problem would be to directly delete the unwanted stuff. Selective syncing solves this dilemma by letting individuals uncheck folders they don’t need but still want to keep safely stored within Google Drive.

Google Drive Warning

One of the major attractions of cloud storage is its ability to free up much-needed space in devices, so the new move by Google Drive is a vital step forward in that direction, even if it appears relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.

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As for the second addition, users will now be greeted with a pop-up dialog box if they attempt to delete a file from within a shared folder. Mistakes happen, and Google’s new warning can handily prevent people from losing access to something another may deem delete-able.

The new features have begun rolling out to all Mac and PC users and should reach everyone by the end of this week. You can download Google Drive for your computer here.