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Google Drive is now a bit more organized than before

Google Drive

Google has gone ahead and showed some love for the web version of its Drive cloud storage service. Through the latest update, this tool has gotten several useful features that look to easily allow you to keep your stored content more organized.

When you’re browsing files sent by someone, the toolbar will now start showing an ‘Add to My Drive’ option for quickly storing them to your account. Moreover, if a particular file is already stored in Google Drive, a ‘Move’ icon will appear in the same place, enabling you to store it in any folder of your choice.

Both these options were earlier available in the right-click menu or the three dots menu. Another fresh addition can experienced when you’re previewing a particular file. A new option at the top toolbar now lets you add the file to any folder in ‘My Drive.’

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Additionally, when you’ve searched for something using the search bar, you can directly add the resulting files to folders by dragging and dropping them into the folders shown in the side-bar. This should definitely help those who have a large number of files stored in Google Drive.

The makers of this service have updated its web version after quite a long period, as more focus was being targeted towards its Android and iOS versions. The premier cloud storage tool recently tied up with WhatsApp, thus allowing users of the messaging app to store their chats on it easily.

The changes to the web version of Google Drive may have been rolled out already, but they are still to be visible for us. We’re sure that will happen in the next few days.