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Google Drive expanded storage options go extremely cheap

Many big companies have recognized cloud storage to be the need of the hour, and have doled out handy services for the public to enjoy, Google Drive being one of them. This service currently provides 15GB worth of free storage to all Google account holders, but those who want more are encouraged to rent additional Internet space by paying for it.

Competition, it seems has propelled the company to reduce the rentals by a huge margin. Instead of the earlier $4.99, you now have to dole out just $1.99 per month for 100GB of cloud space. And as the size goes on increasing, the prices keep getting lower. 1TB of space per month can be acquired now at $9.99 instead of the earlier price of $49.99.

Google Drive

And for those of you who need more than that, there are higher plans as well, starting $99.99 per month for 10TB and so on. This change comes as a godsend for those who require cloud support for their day to day work. And for current users of the service, Google has a surprise in store as well. Those who are paying for Google Drive storage at the moment, will automatically have their plans upgraded to better ones at no additional cost.

Apart from Google Drive, the company’s other services too offer lots of free cloud storage to exploit. Users of Google Apps can avail of 30GB worth of unified free storage through Gmail, Google+ and Drive combined. To offer you a perspective of just how cheap the service is, Dropbox offers just 2GB worth of storage for free and demands $10 a month for 100GB.