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Google Doodle website refurbished, includes Zazzle store link

Google Doodle Website 01

The revamped version of the Google Doodle website is finally ready to offer what a lot fans may have looked up at some point or the other. Though plain in design, the portal now features all doodles that Google has drawn out since right since the first artsy idea was conceived in 1998, to the most recent ones in 2011.

Equipped with a search box, the website sports a clutter free interface. It was earlier known as Google Logos, and now the same name search result redirects to the recently unveiled domain. Users are greeted with a page filled with all doodles present throughout this year and from all around the world. The drop down year box offers options ranging from 1998 to 2011, while the All Doodles buttons opens up options like Global, or other country names in alphabetical order.

“We’ve always thought it was a little sad that doodles are only available on the homepage for a day. Since we’re firm believers in having too much of a good thing, we set up a gallery of all our previous doodles a while ago. Now on the new site, you can browse, watch or play with over 1000 doodles. Enjoy front-row tickets to a Martha Graham dance, send the first man to space or learn more about why one doodler decided to ‘cartoonize’ Mary Blair,” wrote Ying Wang, Director of Product Management, on the official Google blog.

Google Doodle Website 02

The left hand side sports only three buttons including Home. The second section, About Doodle, takes curious fans through the history of Doodles and some interesting examples, of course. The Doodle Store link opens up a world of doodles materials on an online store called Zazzle. Visitors will be able to find t-shirts, skateboards, mugs, and other such products with doodle drawings printed over them.

The Google Doodle store currently has a variety of doodle products available at 20% discounts for gifts.