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Google Docs spreadsheets now includes editing function for mobile phones

Google Docs Spreadsheets EditGoogle has updated its popular Google Docs spreadsheet software. Until now users were simply able to view spreadsheets on their mobile phones with the Google Docs application. The application now adds mobile spreadsheet editing capabilities that will allow users to edit spreadsheets on their mobile phones.

The updated Google Docs product will allow users to add new rows in spreadsheets and also edit existing cells. Users can also take advantage of the spreadsheet editing function to sort spreadsheets by columns and filter by terms.

The spreadsheet application now with editing capabilities tries to use the interface of smartphones to the best of its advantage. Each row in a spreadsheet will now include an ‘edit’ button on the left hand side. To sort columns by rows users simply need to click on the box at the top of the row.

The Google Docs spreadsheet editing function does not offer support for editing mathematical formula. Users will also be unable to view results on updating numbers on the spreadsheets. Though the updated software has its limitations, it should satisfy a user’s need to edit simple text lists.

To use the new editing capabilities of the Google Docs spreadsheet application, users need to go to log in to m.google.com/docs in their mobile browse. Users who are familiar with Google Apps can go to docs.google.com/a/your-domain.

The updated Google Docs spreadsheets application is available now. It supports popular phones based on the Android or Symbian 60 platform. iPhone and iPod users can also access the application.