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Google Docs and Sheets get treated to add-ons

Google has announced that its Docs and Sheets now feature add-ons, just like the ones available for the Chrome browser. The Mountain View-based company has revealed via its official blog that these new apps are created by third party developers and work towards offering additional tools to facilitate working on these documents and spreadsheets.

How to get add-ons:

Getting add-ons is extremely simple. All you need to do is open Docs or Sheets and click on ‘get add-ons’ in the dedicated menu. Download tools you like and they will be made available for all your documents. An option to manage add-ons can also be found on the same menu. It should be noted that they are compatible only with new Google Sheets.

Google Docs Add-ons

Here we have listed some of the add-ons designed by developer partners of the company. Take a look.

Letter Feed Workflows:

This particular add-on is meant for those who need to get approvals or feedback for their work. An ‘approve’ button is added to the documents or spreadsheets and users get a notification as soon as they get the consent. A click is all you need to publish it after that.

Avery Label Merge:

This tool lets you import addresses from Sheets to Docs for printing purposes and choose a label from multiple available options. The add-on formats the document to match the label you have selected.

EasyBib Bibliography Creator

EasyBib Bibliography Creator:

Creating a bibliography for your projects and papers becomes easier with this creator. You can choose between MLA, APA and Chicago style for citing all your sources.


These of course are just some of the many available options. Do check out the add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets and get back to us with your views and opinions about them.

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