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Google Docs gets a new life as apps for Android and iOS get released

The introduction of Drive had seen the phasing out of the standalone Google Docs software a couple of years ago, but the utility has staged a comeback even as its mobile apps have now reached download portals. Both Google Docs and Sheets apps are now available for Android and iOS devices, with a Slides utility also on its way.

These apps have been created with the aim of letting you find, edit and create documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the go. One of their most important aspects is that they feature offline support, so you don’t need an Internet connection for accessing them.

Google Docs

How is this different from the Quickoffice app that’s already a part of Google’s repertoire you ask? Well there’s a very minor hindrance that the said app suffers from. You can create and save documents on it, but not in the Google Drive format. If you wish to do that, you can now go for the Google Docs and Sheets apps.

This is yet another push from Mountain View towards promoting its cloud storage solutions. Its Drive service is already being used by millions worldwide for storing and sharing their important data so that it doesn’t get lost even if their devices or computers are damaged. 15GB worth of free Internet space is offered by it, and more can even be purchased at recently reduced costs.

Google Docs And Sheets

Those looking to download the Google Docs and Sheets apps on their devices can head over to the Google Play store (1) (2) or the App Store (1) (2) to get them.