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Google Docs – 5 reasons to start using it

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Let’s just say, we’re giving out the ‘best’ 5 reasons to start using Google Docs because the goodness on offer with this online tool is really limitless. It isn’t for nothing that we’re suggesting you look past the traditional method of working around documents. For the uninitiated, Google Docs is a freeware to make your own documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms that can be shared in real-time. In simple words – an editing suite without any software installation. The fact that it is online makes your documents accessible from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, yes without your home PC in case you’re wondering. Read on.

Google Docs Interface

1) Free: It isn’t really your average thing to ignore something that’s truly free. While you may argue that free stuff generally has its pitfalls – tell us something that doesn’t. And look at it this way, why pay for editing software when you can get almost everything done for free. If you run an organization, consider the resources you’ll be saving on including the post installation maintenance and all. How? Well, Google Docs is basically a web browser and not really an editing suite which means you won’t be installing any software the conventional way on your local machine and getting to the point it directly translates to you not having to drop any change at all.

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2) Web-based: As we mentioned above, it is an online bundle and the fact that it’s powered by cloud technology makes it all the more amiable. It does in fact work really well with Mac systems. Not having to install any software will also see you worrying less about maintenance costs, as there are updates and new features added to the tool on a routine basis through the cloud. The highlight of this Google service is that you can be working from anywhere with an Internet connection at hand. A Google account is all you’re going to need without even having to fret about security issues. Hop on the web through your mobile phone, netbook or even tablet for that matter to start using the tool. Users also get around 1024MB of free space to store documents online.

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3) Sharing: The advent of social networks and tools has really taken the idea of sharing content to an altogether new level. Trust Google Docs courtesy of its ‘cloudy’ nature to only up the ante further. Along with creating documents, sheets and presentations, you can choose to have them edited online in collaboration with others when working in a team. For those who manage a plethora of written content, the time being saved as editors or proof-readers get the work done right there and then is going to be precious. Downloads and attachments in email will be a thing of the past as everything in the Docs suite is shareable with everyone you wish to. The tool empowers you to keep documents in either the Public or Private mode so that you can collaborate conveniently when working on different projects as well. If you use ‘Sorry, I did that by mistake!’ more often than you’d like to, then it is one of the 5 reasons to start using the app.

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4) Easy to Use: Those who suffer from the ‘I can’t adopt to new technology’ syndrome, really have nothing to worry about when using Docs. It’s built with simplicity and has user-friendliness at its core. Just log in using your Google account and you should be raring to go as that’s the only pre-requisite to using the software, besides of course having an internet connection. Most importantly, the interface is a winner in terms of usability that’s been designed just right for online use. For example, if you’re moving from MS Word to Google Docs, you can rest assured of the transition being a smooth process. Even something as basic as keeping a track of documents is very easy. The powerful auto-save feature built right within the tool automatically backs up documents whilst they’re being edited.

Google Docs File Compatibility

5) Wide Compatibility: Ever faced the embarrassing ‘Oh! I forgot my pen drive at home’ right when you’re about to start an important presentation or worst had employees throwing up the ‘I worked on the project on my netbook’ excuse? Docs steps in just the right way for office productivity as it is widely compatible and can switch between various formats in a jiffy. Under the ‘Actions’ tab, when you choose to download a file, it gives you options to download in any desired format. You can thus be working on any operating system or any device and still download and edit files as per your convenience and requirement. And the vast features on offer ensure that you’re enjoying more than just plain editing – instant translations, personalization and quick downloads while also being able to upload existing documents for future use.

There is obviously much missing in Docs too. But if not for anything else, we thought the real-time collaboration feature was convincing enough to jot down our 5 reasons to start using Google Docs. We’d be lying if we said we’ve seen a desktop program imitating at least this functionality as well as this Google tool. Besides, we haven’t heard of Google messing with user security too so data stored within Docs is pretty safe and secure. Cloud technology is still very nascent, but there’s no denying it is the future and will surely be picking up pace. We’re betting our money on technologies finding their clouds to loom over 2012. And that’s why we heart Google Docs! Do you?