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Google ditching Pixel XL sequel in favor of bigger phone

Google Pixel 2 Concept

Google was rumored to be working on 3 Pixel devices this year, with two serving as direct successors to the Pixel and Pixel XL and the last a larger model. As it turns out, the brand has apparently ditched one of the phones and is now looking to launch just 2 new handsets.

To recap, the codenames for the fresh crop of flagships is Walleye (Pixel 2), Muskie (Pixel 2 XL), and Taimen (Pixel 2 XXL). 3 separate sources have told Android Police that Google has abandoned Muskie, the sequel to the Pixel XL. No reason has been given for this move, though guesses can be made.

For one, having two large phones within one lineup doesn’t make much sense. Cutting Muskie loose means Taimen moves up as the successor to the Pixel XL. This makes sense when taking into consideration an earlier leak where the Pixel 2 XL was discussed.

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At the time, it was believed that the device was Muskie, but it may have just been Taimen. Notably, the device in the leak was bigger than the original Pixel XL, featuring either a 5.6-inch or 5.7-inch screen. The larger display serves to corroborate the new report’s claims.

Speculation so far has hinted that Google is trying to incorporate thinner bezels for the next Pixel series. Perhaps it’ll find a way to fit Taimen’s phablet-sized panel onto a smaller body. That’s been the prevalent trend of 2017, as seen in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6.