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Google is developing a VR version of Chrome

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Google’s I/O conference this year was dominated by its decision to immerse itself fully within virtual reality. The tech giant is now working on introducing a shell to Chrome which would let users browse all sites in VR, freeing them from being restricted to just special VR-ready sites.

Google has been a major player in developing WebVR, the set of capabilities which allow such VR-compatible sites to exist. However, VR users so far have had no choice but to take their headset off when switching from a WebVR website to a non-WebVR page. The brand’s goal now is to allow these consumers to browse the internet in VR without any interruptions.

According to Road to VR, the newest build of Chrome Beta for Android now has a new WebVR setting which allows enhanced VR device compatibility with VR sites constructed according to WebVR standards. The latest Chrome Dev build is where things get even more interesting, since it offers a VR Shell setting.

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As per a Google+ post by Chromium expert François Beaufort, this new shell allows users to browse the web while using Cardboard or Daydream-ready viewers. He also mentioned that the company is planning to launch a feature dubbed VR view to help web developers embed VR content to their pages.

The brand new VR Shell doesn’t appear to be working as of now. Both the new settings are supposedly being tested through Chrome’s various development channels. They’ll likely be released in a stable build in the future, though the exact timeline is unclear. We’ll let you know the moment the features go live.