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Google Competing with 260 Companies Over Wireless License

Google Logo Google is planning to start telecom services in the US. It is heard that Google is one of the 260 companies competing for wireless licenses. These licenses will be auctioned in January.

Earlier this week, the Federal Communications Commission stated that it has received bid applications for the licenses. Due to analogue, television broadcasters have to switch to a digital format by a 2009 deadline, the licenses have freed up.

According to research firm eMarketer, Google cannot grow fast enough relying solely on the PC-driven Internet.

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“It must extend search marketing to new interactive platforms, new markets and new advertisers who aren’t currently online,” eMarketer said.

Incase Google successfully grabs the wireless license, its new software called Android will allow the internet giant to power mobile phones.

As of now only 96 companies have cleared to participate in the bidding while another 170 firms are so far seeking FCC approval to join the auction.

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“From a very high-level public policy perspective, Congress and the FCC want to see a couple of new players make it,” said Scott Ellison, vice president of mobile and wireless communications at the IDC market research firm.

Google had announced in July that it was preparing itself for auction and had kept aside 4.6 billion US dollars to compete strongly in the auction.

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