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Google is coming out with a new travel app called Trips

Google Trips

Google is all set to launch a new app dubbed Trips to help you navigate the world of traveling. The application is currently being tested by the members of the search giant’s Local Guides program and should see a release soon.

Trips appears to be an expansion of the company’s Google Search Destinations feature into a full-blown app format. It offers a ton of useful tools aimed at making vacation planning as simple as possible. For instance, it can scan your Gmail messages and automatically add an expedition complete with information like your flight arrival and departure, hotel and travel plans.

You’re allowed to switch this off if you don’t want Google Trips scanning your email. Manually inputting a place is possible in both scenarios. The app further lets you view your past and upcoming journeys and store data offline, a highly useful feature given the uncertainty of internet access while traveling.

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Once a destination has been fixed, you can explore a number of tabs such as Reservations, Things to do, Food & Drink, Saved places, Need to know, and Getting around. The last one is quite detailed, with tips on how to navigate the airport on arrival, taxi options and public transport like buses, effectively making it easier to decide how to map out your vacation.

Trips is more or less looking to act as an all-knowing indispensible virtual travel guide. It even suggests places to visit based on your preferences, apart from top tourist destinations indoors, outdoors and farther away. The app is expected to come out for Android devices first before getting rolled out for iOS.

You have to be a Level 2 member of Google’s Local Guides program if you want to take Trips for a spin right now. Otherwise, you’ll have to sit tight and wait for the app to launch officially.