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Google Chromecast enters India, available at a cheap price of Rs 3,099

The Google Chromecast dongle has received quite some appreciation worldwide for its unique attributes and its affordable price. After having been first released in July last year, it is finally ready to enter India it seems, even as it has started being listed by online retailers with its cost set at Rs 3,099.

While this price applies to an Amazon listing, someone on eBay is offering it at Rs. 3,998. No other e-retailer seems to be selling the device at the moment however. Perhaps, Google wants to have an official launch before it goes for a full-frontal release.

Google Chromecast

For those not the loop, Google Chromecast is a digital media player which connects to your TV screens via HDMI. Once hooked up, you can stream whatever Internet content you’re seeing on your phones or tablets right on your big screens by just touching one simple Chromecast icon. Sized at 2.83 inches, it also works with Google Chrome through a beta feature called ‘tab casting.’

Upon its launch back in July last year, it was released in the US with its price set at $35. Earlier this year, it also made its way into the UK and is currently rolling out in many other nations worldwide.

Along with the dongle itself, the Google Chromecast app has also been made available for those residing in India. It can be downloaded through the Play store for free but is of no use if you don’t own the device.