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Google Chrome and LEGO will have you wasting time at work

If you have enough self control to put down LEGO bricks when they’re so easily accessible from the Google Chrome browser, then congratulations. We’ve spent too much of our childhood playing with these colorful plastic pieces to be immune to those bouts of nostalgia that Google’s latest experiment induces.

The company has partnered with LEGO to bring these building bricks to the virtual world. You can access the tool through computers, smartphones or tablets. All you have to do is follow this link and choose what you want to do first. You can Enter the world of build, Start Building or attend Build Academy.

Google Chrome LEGO

The first option lets you look at all the LEGO structures other people have made and shared via their Google+ accounts. Keen to start creating your own edifices? That’s what the second selection is for. Do note that the website will ask you permission to access your location data.

Even if you lived under a rock that hadn’t heard of LEGO until now either, it’s really simple to figure out how to go about stacking up the bricks. It’s your creative skills that matter, of course. Keyboard shortcuts are pasted on the bottom right corner of the page so that you don’t have to use the mouse for every action.

YouTube video

In case you prefer being able to touch your LEGO bricks, you can play around with them on your touchscreen phone or tablet. Well, it very slightly makes up for the fact that your fingers cannot actually feel the plastic pieces. Try Build Academy for instructions on how to muck about with them, if you please.

Get, set, productivity be damned. Oh, Google, what did you do?