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Google Chrome for iOS finally fixes its crashing problem

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Google Chrome may be one of the most widely used browsers in the world right now, but iPhone users have always had to deal with frequent crashes if they chose to use the app instead of Apple’s native Safari browser. A new update apparently changes this situation dramatically thanks to a major revision to the inner workings of the tool.

The upgrade to Google Chrome 48 supposedly cuts down on crashes up to 70%. So instead of the entire browser closing down due to web view crashes or low memory, only the page that’s causing the problem will stop. The ‘Aw, Snap!’ error page will pop up in such situations.

Other than this major improvement to stability, the company claims Chrome is much more responsive when it comes to scrolling and promises the experience will be much smoother from now onwards. In a blog post, it also asserted that its web compatibility has become better due to adoption of tools like IndexedDB.

The new feature has helped Chrome to score 409 in its HTML5 test, up from 391. Reloading time has been cut down as well, with Google saying it’s been reduced by 25%. Furthermore, a JavaScript Octane benchmark test shows the browser’s speed has shot up from 1583 to 17471 in the iPhone 6S.

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So how were these huge improvements made possible and why wasn’t it implemented years ago? The answer lies in Apple’s notoriously stringent rules when it comes to third-party applications. While Google uses its own renderer for Android, Windows and Mac, it’s compelled to use the former’s engine for iPhones and iPads.

Google has been utilizing the outdated UIWebView renderer for Chrome so far. Apple debuting the WKWebView framework in iOS 8 finally let the search giant switch to the more modern system and perform on-par with Safari. It’s an important step forward for the brand, as a more stable product is important to draw people away from the default browser.

You can download Google Chrome version 48 via iTunes.