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Google Chrome Extensions That Will be Useful for Writing Paperwork

google-chrome Have you ever used Google Chrome? If yes, you already know that it is considered to be one the fastest browsers having a great variety of useful chrome extensions, which are actually software add-ons for the advanced usage of your laptop.

Each person must have Chrome extensions as they are to help everyone to complete the tasks faster and better, and you can forget about asking yourself ‘How I have to do my assignment so that I save more time, efforts and money’. Moreover, they will not only maintain your privacy but also cater to such queries as ‘how to write an assignment within the deadline’ or ‘is there someone to write my assignment or do my essay UK’. Utilizing the platforms mentioned, a student can advance the process of writing his or her paperwork.

Office Offline

In case you are not a Microsoft Office user, this Office Offline helps you to access the Office spreadsheets, presentations as well as documents. Find the icon of Office Online, click there to see a drop-down menu, which will show you the files that you have saved on OneDrive with the tiles that link to Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, etc. Thus, the files you have been working on can be easily found, and there is no need to download any Microsoft Office program. With this extension, you will not have to say ‘someone help me’.

Awesome Screenshot

If one needs to take a screenshot of a part of the work to receive the feedback or send a funny video to your friends, Awesome Screenshot comes in handy. You can also capture your entire screen or record the video of any page on the browser. It can record the first thirty seconds of it. A part of the shot or screen, which spreads throughout the web page can be also easily captured. For editing the shot, there are options like blur, crop, resize, and others. What’s better is that you can also edit the uploaded images.


As understood from the name of the app, it can correct your grammar. In addition, Grammarly can detect the wrong usage of punctuation signs as well as words and phrases. If you download it, the extension comes in handy while you think ‘how to do my assignment correctly’ and do not have someone to help you out with grammar in your assignment. Grammarly can scan what you are typing in the browser text field. This can be anything, starting from an online form to an email. It can correct syntax, spelling, and other grammatical errors that you dismiss or accept depending on the style and mood of your assignment.


Do you have an idea about how much time you actually spend surfing on the internet?   The trackers of rescue time can monitor how much you spend browsing a peculiar website. In fact, it categorizes every one of them with the productivity grade (from very distracting to productive). At the end of the week, you will receive the information as to how you have spent the days. In case you sign up for the medium subscription, you can block the websites, which distract you. Also, you can turn on offline tracking to know how much time you are spending on meetings, phone calls, and other tasks. Knowing the time you spend online on the exact useful or entertaining sites can help you see if you manage your time. If there are some activities you do for hours on the Internet that are not helpful for your studies and only distract you, you can track them and block in order to save time for doing the assignments.

Session Buddy

If you have many tabs open on the browser, they can slow down the browser as well as the computer, and therefore, add more time to working on assignments. With the help of Session Buddy, you can manage the tabs as it will save the crucial links that will open up later on. It will free up the RAM and will enhance browser performance. However, reduce the clutter, which is browser-based and mental. You can organize the saved tabs by the links and topics that are exported to documents, emails and online posts.


Evernote helps you to create virtual notes being an organized note-taking app. Once it is installed in the browser, you can click on the web page for saving it in different forms. In addition, you can transfer the data to the previous Evernote notebooks or create the new one with the drop-down menu. The options to add remarks and tags will help you to categorize. You can work with it both online and offline.

Even though all the above apps are useful, there is no need to download all of them. You can save your time and choose only those that may be helpful in completing your research or writing an assignment. Start utilizing them to make your life easier as well as the learning process more enjoyable and fruitful, which will definitely harmonize the combination of your work, relationships, and education.