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Google can now help you teach your kid animal noises

Google Animal Noises

Google has become a pretty integral part of our lives, making any kind of knowledge just a tap away. The tool has just added two new features to make searching even easier and help your kids gain some knowledge along the way too.

Anyone who tries to search for the term ‘animal noises’ in Google will now be greeted with kid-friendly drawings of a range of animals and the noises they make. The new addition could prove to be a boon for parents looking for a convenient way to teach their children about animal sounds without having to imitate it themselves or pull up a video.

Google has so far added 19 animals to its list namely the dog, cat, owl, rooster, zebra, raccoon, bowhead whale, sheep, humpback whale, ape, moose, lion, elephant, tiger, turkey, duck, horse, cow, wolf, and pig. You can even search for any of them individually by typing something like ‘what noise does a duck make’ in the search bar.

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Hopefully, Google will add the fox to its list of animals and finally answer what does the fox say. In any case, the feature is now live and available across all platforms and devices. Moving on to the second new addition, the company will soon allow you to vote for reality show contestants directly from search results.

All you have to do is search for the show and the contestants will show up in the results, letting you vote for them instantly. Google has already partnered with Vietnam’s Got Talent and The X Factor Indonesia for the venture and plans to expand it to India and Thailand soon.