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Google Calendar prefers to work auto-magically now, just like Google Now

Google Calendar is being updated, and unlike other apps from the company, this download won’t just net you a Material Design overhaul, as a bevy of new and impressive features has been added to it as well. These are built along the lines of the automatic attributes which Google Now possesses.

It means that the Calendar will snoop around in your Gmail inbox to look to information and suggest things to make your life a little bit easier. The update app is live now for Android 5.0 Lollipop devices, while it is slated to be made available for Android 4.1+ gadgets in the in the coming weeks. A version for the iPhone is currently being prepped up as well, the company has revealed through a blog post.

Google Calendar 1

Like we said, Google Calendar will now look into your Gmail inbox to find specific emails regarding flights, concert tickets, hotel reservations and more to grab details like dates and times and create events out of them. These events will moreover even stay updated when there are alterations to them that are received through another email.

Google Calendar 2

That being the stuff that happens automatically, sometimes you will of course need to make events manually. For creating them, you need to get together phone numbers, addresses and names of attendees in a tedious manner, but with the new version of Google Calendar, the Assists function will help you out with suggestions for titles, people and places as you type. And that’s not all; it will adapt to your preferences over time, so if you often play Call of Duty over at a friend’s house, just typing the name of the game will quickly suggest that entire event.

Google Calendar 3

Lastly, there’s Schedule View which is nothing but a beautiful way to see your events. The app itself will add relevant images to make this space a treat to look at. This updated version of Google Calendar will be going live in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.