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Google buys intelligent messaging app Emu, probably for much needed Hangouts boost

Google has added to its shopping kart a cool new messaging app named Emu which it will most certainly target towards making some changes to its Hangouts app that hasn’t managed to grab the popularity among users which it would have hoped to. The thing that makes Emu an interesting product is its intelligent nature of pulling details from your messages and providing relevant information based on them.

Sounds familiar right? Well, Google Now does exactly the same, but in a much larger and a more useful way. And Mountain View wouldn’t mind its prime messaging app, Hangouts being integrated with this functionality, would it? This is why it’s mostly clear what Emu’s services will be used in by Google.

Google Buys Emu

The purchased app specializes in providing recommendations for restaurants, calendar appointments as well as movies based entirely on the messages sent to your contacts. This way, by pulling the same information from your Hangouts messages, Google Now would be able to provide you with relevant cards. At the moment, the said service can deliver details like your package delivery tracking, your appointments and more by snooping into your Gmail and Calendar apps.

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This move from Google obviously means Emu will be shutting down. While it has already been unpublished from app stores, users who have it installed on their devices won’t be able to use it after August 25, said the company through a statement on its website.

Specifics about this purchase of Emu remain undisclosed, hence there’s no mention of how much dough Google had to pull out of its pockets in order to purchase it.