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Google brings Send a call from Santa treat for holidays

Google Send Call from Santa 1

The Google Send a call from Santa service is bringing in an interesting way to send across holiday greetings to family and friends. Folks can create a personalized message that they want delivered to their near and dear ones within the U.S. through Santa. People will be required to visit sendacallfromsanta.com in order to send a personalized call.

Last year saw Santa receive his own Google Voice number and now users can contact him to leave a message or make special requests for this time of the year. Users may call Santa directly from Gmail to drop in a word at his Google Voice number, 855-34-SANTA. Gmail calls for people in the U.S. and Canada are free, while residents beyond these areas will be required to pay $.01/minute along with applicable VATs.

“Santa won’t be able to return messages himself—it’s a busy time of year for him — but he’s promised to keep us up to date on happenings in the North Pole day by day,” shares Trevor Claiborne, Product Marketing Manager via the official Google blog.

Google Send Call from Santa 2

The post signs off by hinting that these may not be the only treats that Santa will be making available this season. He may be seen coming up with an ‘extra special way’ to spread the cheer. Needless to say, users will have to wait till Christmas comes close, when the company will unveil the mystery.

Until then, users can dabble in the Google Send a call from Santa feature and also be on the watch out for any word on the unveiling of the mystery.