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Google+ brand pages mingle with search results

Google Brand Pages

Google may have rolled out various improvements to its search engine, but the addition of Google+ brand pages into the results page is something that has surfaced unannounced, without any official confirmation from the company. And it’s not exactly a move that’s going down too well with everyone.

The addition of Google+ brand pages into search results were reported by BrightEdge which has been on the social network’s tail since the launch of this particular feature back in November, 2011. The study in question states that the SNS has witnessed a growth of around 50% in its fan base through the past month only. Mashable says that the integration of company pages was spotted just a few days ago, or on December 20 to be precise. Furthermore, Google+ brand pages such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Macy’s apparently also surfaced in search results.

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Previously, Google+ pages could be conveniently dug out through the search engine by simple utilizing the Direct Connect feature that debuted back in July. Through this, users would be able to find particular brands by affixing the ‘+’ symbol before the company’s name. For instance, to locate the Google+ page of Pepsi, the query should read as ‘+Pepsi’ in the search field. Based on recent findings, a few of the top 100 brand pages can be directly viewed on the results page without adding the ‘+’ symbol whilst searching.

Google Brand Pages Search Results

Many seem to see the inclusion of Google+ brand pages within search results as an underhanded way of coaxing companies to board the networking site. At the same time, Google appears to be quite comfortable with the idea of laying back and offering nothing in terms of a newsworthy response to these stories.

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