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Google blurs Faces in Street View Images

Face Blurring Technology

Google always continues to add innovative features to its various applications such as Google Map and Google Earth. Google had introduced the new Street View feature for both of these applications last year.

Now Google has announced to make the Street View feature better by freshening up the Manhattan area. The new imagery will be up to date and will have other innovative features, making them sharper and clearer than ever before. In the new images, viewers can look upward to appreciate Manhattan’s many skyscrapers.

Moreover, Google has also introduced the face-blurring technology in the latest Street View images. Faces of the people captured in the images are blurred. The newly introduced technology is still in the testing stage.

“We’re also taking this opportunity to test our new face-blurring technology on the busy streets of Manhattan. This effort has been a year in the making — working at Street View-scale is a tough challenge that required us to advance state-of-the-art automatic face detection, and we continue working hard to improve it as we roll it out for our existing and future imagery,” wrote Andrea Frome, Software Engineer on Google Lat Long Blog.

Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth providing 360° panoramic street-level views and also lets users view parts of selected US cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas at ground level.