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Google birthday reminders reach search page

Birthday Reminders On Google

Those who prefer to go ogle the latest news on the web rather than hear what their friends are doing on G+, may like Google birthday reminders which pop up on the main search page. No more miffed looks for having forgotten to wish a pal on their special day.

The notifications will appear only when those with a Google Plus account are signed in. While there’s an option through which users can allow or disallow others from being alerted about their own birthday, it doesn’t seem like there’s a choice to avoid being notified about a friend’s occasion for celebration.

“Everyone deserves a little love on their birthday, so we’re making it easier for you and your friends to celebrate on Google. Starting today, you’ll see a reminder on Google.com when someone in your circles has a birthday! From there it’s easy to share a fun message, photo, or video with the birthday gal or guy,” trilled Google software engineer Irene Chung, through a Google+ post.

Also, the search page has been taught to be nice and wish users on their birthday with a pretty colorful scribble. In the image posted below, check out what our search page looked like after we ‘cunningly’ tricked Google into thinking it was our birthday today. So much for Maria Montessori’s 142nd birth anniversary doodle.

Google Wishes Us

Well, those are a lot of friends’ peeved stares averted, Mountain View. Now if only there was a way for those who don’t want to be notified to stop getting Google birthday reminders when on the main search page and signed in.


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