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Google Assistant arriving to give Siri competition

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Word has it that the crew over at Mountain View is busy working on a voice-based intelligent assistant software that’s unimaginatively dubbed Google Assistant. In a bid to compete with Apple’s popular Siri, Google is said to be taking its latest brainchild beyond the obvious in a number of ways.

To begin with, the search giant is expected to maintain absolute control in all matters involving the core technology. To further push the service beyond what Siri has on offer, Google may apparently be seen opening the doors to developers. The company might allow developers to employ their rumored software for bringing out new elements that exploit its potential.

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According to TechCrunch, the project has been broken down into three parts. The first step refers to formatting all the information in a language that can understood by a PC. This is then to be followed by the development of a ‘personalization layer.’ The company seemingly collects data on how individuals interact with information through the Google +1 and Google+ platforms. And finally, the project will involve moving onto building a certain ‘Do engine,’ which may be the ‘Assistant’ that has more to do with getting work done than merely surfacing search results.

We can only predict that with this feature onboard, developers may just go on to churn out voice-powered apps, integrate them onto websites and more. If ardent players are thinking about voice activated games on their Android handsets, then who knows? They may become reality in the near future. Until the official word and details on the supposed ‘Assistant’ come forth, we can always let our imaginations run wild.

Tech enthusiasts can probably expect Google Assistant to be announced in Q4 this year. Just a wild guess. Or not.

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