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Google Art Project takes a leap forward

Google Art Project 1

Google Art Project probably has many enthusiasts with an artistic inclination hooked onto it. This may be the very reason why the team at Mountain View is expanding the venture by bringing not just paintings from museums, but sculptures, street art and photographs onto the desktop too.

Now viewers can run through various works of art from 151 museums in 40 different countries across the globe, right at home. For those who are keeping count, the project was previously inclusive of 17 museums in 9 nations, flush with 1,000 pictures. Now there are 30,000 high resolution artworks onboard along with Street View images for 46 museums. So individuals can not only visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, but also the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi, the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar and more in just a few clicks.

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“Together with the fantastic input from our partners from around the world, we’re delighted to have created a convenient, fun way to interact with art—a platform that we hope appeals to students, aspiring artists and connoisseurs alike,” shares Amit Sood of Google Art Project, via a post on the official Google blog.

Other additions have come in the form of new tools such as Explore and Discover that allow searching for particular works by artist, period or other categories. As many may be expecting, the site is now integrated with Google+ and Hangouts so that users can dabble in a more immersive experience. Another key accompaniment is My Gallery that gives folks the liberty to pick up their favorites through the website and bring them into one integrated view.

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Google Art Project 2

Google Art Project can be followed on Google+ by those who want to receive information about future developments.

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