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Google appoints people to write a childhood for Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant as we know is an intelligent new platform that will make searches more conversational. Google thinks it is important for the bot to have a thorough backstory, and has hence decided to turn scriptwriter ahead of the fall release of this service.

In order to give Assistant more personality, the company has asked a freelance artist named Emma Coats and the head of its Doodle team Ryan Germick to come up with a life story for the bot. This, Google thinks, will make it more relatable to its human users.

It is something that has a high chance of working since Siri’s expertise in this department has been loved by its users a great deal. Apple’s personal assistant has cheeky answers to some questions, while it can even display feelings after hearing something you say.

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The techniques that Google will use to make Assistant more relatable may include giving it a childhood that most people will be able to identify with. If this means adding character to the bot, not many will disagree with the company’s new decision.

Google has apparently been working on Assistant since back in 2012, and it was only during last month’s I/O conference that it took the veil off this service. It is aimed at turning searches into conversations, while at the same time, making them richer.

For instance, questions like ‘What film is playing nearby’ will not only be answered by Assistant correctly, but it will also allow you to filter those films based on age restrictions and even book tickets without exiting the app. Set for release later this year, it will also be incorporated into Google’s Allo and Home services.