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Google app on Android now allows you to become a beta tester

Feel like you could be of some help to Google with its main Android app? Here’s your chance at making the service better by signing up to become a beta tester of the early versions of this utility. This program has just been introduced by the company to test out fresh features before rolling them out to everyone.

The Google app on Android not only presents you with the permanent search bar on your homescreen, but also brings with it the magical abilities of Google Now. It allows ‘Okay Google’ commands for voice search, and even tailors your results based on factors like your location and more.

Mountain View’s main Android app is one of the few to be in the billion downloads club; so it would be good for the company to have its new features scrutinized before they’re provided to so many users. We noticed the link to its beta testing program in our Now feed, but if you haven’t received it in yours, there’s no need to worry as you can manually navigate to it as well.


Once you sign up for the program by clicking on the link down below, you’ll be asked to download an update to the Google app via the Play store. This update will be the beta version which you can test in order to experience the new features before everyone else, and even report any faults or inconsistencies to the developers.

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If you wish to become a beta tester of the Google app, you can do so by heading to this link and registering yourself with a single click.


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