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Google announces Assistant, its powerful conversation search tool

Google Assistant

Google opened its I/O keynote by unveiling its new Assistant platform. This fresh tool has the possibility of making a huge impact on the way searches are made. It expands Google search into a conversational AI that will seamlessly perform actions for you that you never even have imagined it could.

For instance, if you launch an ‘Okay Google’ prompt and ask your phone ‘What film is playing nearby,’ you will get a carousel containing all the flicks you can catch at a nearby theater. This is pretty standard stuff till now, but you can follow up your query with ‘I want to take my kids along with me’ to make Google Assistant understand the situation and filter out the films not suited for your small ones.

The conversation shouldn’t necessarily end there; if your preferred film is The Jungle Book, you say ‘Buy 4 tickets for The Jungle Book’ and the tool will instantly do that by tapping into your Android Pay account. All you need to do then is scan the provided QR code when you’re entering the theater.

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Assistant will be integrated with Google’s own apps, so that you can seamlessly use their services. The focus here is for the service to be conversational, as this is Google attempt at getting into the chat bot trend that’s so hot right now. All this is possible due to the decades of work that has been put into Google Search as well as other technologies like natural language processing and more.

Assistant will be made available later this year, and will come integrated into Google Home and the Allo chat platform.