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Google Androind comes with a remote kill switch

Android logo Google’s Android OS which will be making its debut on the G1 phone, will sport a remote kill switch. This will allow Google to remotely disable an application from a user’s phone.

This comes as a part of Android Market terms of service according to which Google retains the right to remotely remove the applications from the phone, which violate the developer distribution agreement.

A similar condition that is the remote kill switch is also present in Apple’s iPhone.

The latest news on various sites is really fetching some furious comments from angry prospective Android users.

The first Android phone will be HTC’s G1 from T-Mobile. There were reports of G1 being pre-ordered by 1.5 million users. It will be really interesting to see the reviews of 1.5 million and plus users when the phone goes on sale on Oct. 22.