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Google allows you to install apps directly from search results now

Google Search

In the ever so simplified world of Google search results, there has just been one more welcome entry of a feature that allows you to install apps without entering the Play store. It has not yet been rolled out for everyone, but the fact that it is appearing for some folks means that the general release is not too far away.

When you search for a particular app using the Google Search bar, you normally get an Install button along with your regular results. Clicking on this takes you to the Play store where you can choose whether or not to install it on your device. With the new feature however, clicking on the Install button will allow you to directly start installing the app without entering the Play store at all.

Android Police is reporting that this trait has been available for some people from since almost a month now. If you wish to see whether it’s available for you or not, you can search on Google for any app of your choice and click on the Install button that appears beside it.

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This feature only seems to work in Google Search, and not in Chrome. Like always, Google is not advertising this trait for some reason. If you’re not getting to see it on your devices, we’d advise you to wait for a few more days as such rollouts do take time to be made available for wider audiences.

For those who do have it enabled on Google Search, they have one more simple method of installing new apps which they are searching for.